Sample vs Experimental continued…. GCPs and MTPs

Samples produced rarely include Ground Control Points. If I do include GCPs, typically it’s 3 max. The drone’s geo-location data while mapping is enough to get the model’s individual photos assembled again in the software- in just about the right order and location. All the samples have Manual Tie Points, MTPs, around 50 and occasionally up to 100, are created. If “Cloud Processed”, then no GCPs or MTPs added. Experimentals are about the same setup with respect to GCPs and MTPs, with the exception of a few models. Lately,I’ve been trying to include Scale Constraints more. Mainly MTPs, around 50, and occasionally around 3 Scale Constraints instead of 3 GCPs.

Sample vs Experimental

Sample vs Experimental
sample gets attention of business or highlighting a local park, flown at Alt 350-400ft with overlap 70%. Sunny or cloudy, and the shadows not critical. Pre-Planned days/months before. LAANC Authorization documentation if required. sometimes 2 models-same place featuring different background or interaction with annotations

experimental flown at whatever I think might work for that building/object on site. Overlap up to 95% depending on size of scan. Under manual control when capturing so freestyle but sometimes can be in a flight pattern or playing with new combination in camera settings. Free download 

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